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M4C 1B5

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Manufacturing & Distribution, Other, Retail / Wholesale

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My Objetive here is to have the oportunity to work in great country as Canada. 

I feel confident that my extensive experience in contruction, plus my
outgoing demeanor and people skills, would make me a suitable employee
for your team. II would appreciate an opportunity to show you my

In a separate area I also work as computer technician, where I work to assemble, and holding to preventive and corrective, in addition to customization of them.

I am also physically fit, I work out and powerlift regularly at a
local gym. Such a regimen allows me to physically endure heavy loads,
and long periods of crawling, kneeling and stooping in elevated areas
at work.

More importantly, I have 5  years experience in the field of general
construccion in wich I also in which also acted as a residential electrician and when necessary as a plasterer and painter and plumber.


Therefore, I am enclosing my resume which will provide you with my  work experience
In advance, thank you for considering my application.

I will be ready for a Skype Videocall to probe My english knowledge
and my skills .

Thank you very much

Mario S. Montenegro.


I have previously worked as an on-call Handyman,  Construccion Worker, Electrician, plumber,
plaster, for apartment complex, houses, buildinings, etc.
My tasks includes:

• Light electrical
• Plumbing
• Plaster / Roofer.
• Cleaning
• Painting
• Carpentry
• Tile laying & removal
• Yard work

• Construccion Worker / bricklayer duties.



Building Construction: CAD-Drafting, Carpentry-Framing, Concrete and Masonry, Electrician, Flooring-Tiling-Painting-Wallpapering, General-Other: Construction-Skilled Trades, Heavy Equipment Operation, HVAC, Ironwork-Metal Fabrication, Plumbing-Pipefitting, Roofing, Sheetrock-Plastering, Site Superintendent, Surveying
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Resume Entry:




Ambato- Ecuador.
593- 032845621

Skype: sebas03809220

Studies realized.


SECONDARY: Colegio Técnico Industrial Atahualpa

COLLEGE: Technological Institute SECAP.


HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA: Bachelor Electrician

COLLEGE DIPLOMA: Industrial Control Technologist ( Bachelor)


Work Experience:

Freelance worker:

  • Builder (bricklayer, roofer).
  • Employee in business of sales and maintenance of Pc.
  • Electrician residential installer of electrical networks paid by contract.
  • Cleaner, Waiter in some hotel Institutions.
  • Plumber piping system installer of residential house paid by contract.

Long-term jobs:

  • Technician responsible for operation of industrial laundry

From: June 2009 to present.


  • Excellent administrative, report writing and communication skills.
  • Ability to work in any environment that requires.
  • Ability To Lift Heavy Objects If Required.
  • Proven ability to work under pressure for extended periods.
  • Strong, self-motivated characteristics and a good teamwork.
  • Skills in technology, internet, networks, electricity, construction plumbing, and electronics.

 Special Skills: Fluent in Spanish, English

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