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As a Technical Lead for our client, you will be joining a passionate team responsible for building internal tools, portals for contractors and homeowners, and selling the world on the future of home renovations. You have both deep and broad expertise in a multitude of Web-based technologies, tools, standards, and best practices and you know which tool to use for the job.


Our client is an end-to-end vertical software platform for small & medium-sized trades contractors. They have a simple mission: Make Contractors Heroes. They provide web and mobile applications for small business contractors to estimate, invoice, record, and process payments, and manage projects from anywhere. From humble beginnings, they're now helping over 1 million contractors across North America, the UK, and Australia! Making us the largest trades platform in the world and we have major growth planned!


Our client is currently working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to do so until it is safe to return to the office. Post-pandemic they will continue to offer flexible work from home options. Their downtown Toronto office is in the easily accessible and vibrant King West neighborhood on the top floor of a brick and beam building, with close proximity to start-ups, VCs, the best coffee shops, pubs, lunch/dinner spots and more!


You have many years of experience and have likely held Full Stack and Senior Full Stack development roles spanning the domain of Front-End Web Development, Back-End Web development and possess an Agile mindset. The majority of your time has likely been spent architecting and designing back-end systems. For our client, you will contribute to solutions from inception to deployment, and everything in between. The solutions you build must not only work for our client today, but also support rapid iteration and innovation as we grow. Your work is going to be nothing less than redefining the home renovation industry, and your tool belt is full of server-side frameworks (such as Ruby on Rails) as well as front end technologies (like React, Angular, or Vue).

Responsibilities :

  • Architecture You have been responsible for architecting and designing large scale systems capable of supporting millions of users. As a result, you have a deep understanding of the building blocks of a robust and scalable system. You are able to dissect business problems into well designed systems. You have the experience to know what to build and the discipline to know what not to.
  • CS Fundamentals You have an understanding of algorithms, data structures, design patterns and persistence technologies. You are able to select the right tool for the right job.
  • Server Side Technologies You are well versed in server side architectures such as monolithic or microservices. And are not only able to take advantage of modern frameworks; but also dive deep into the specifics when needed in order to build robust RESTful APIs.
  • Web Technologies You have a strong understanding of the latest Web frameworks, web development tools and techniques. You have used JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Backbone, or Ember and/or individual tools working together such as React, Vue, and Redux.
  • Code Quality You lead by example and write effective, scalable, and highly readable code. You have lots of experience in reviewing code of your peers as well as Junior developers and know effective ways of communicating code quality standards with the broad team.
  • Design Sense You excel at taking a mock-up design and furiously translating it into a working site. You provide continuous feedback to ensure designs are providing the best user experience possible.
  • Delivery Focused Code on a laptop doesn't solve problems. You know that a project is only done once it's delivered and validated. Residential construction is a large problem to tackle. You are driven to complete a project because you know that 5 more problems are waiting to be tackled, and you do it all without sacrificing quality.
  • Teamwork Many of the problems we encounter require insight from many parts of the business. Your ability to coordinate and communicate is essential to our success.
  • Passion Hard problems are not solved overnight. It takes a special kind of attitude and hunger to disrupt an entrenched industry. Your passion is what you share with every teammate. Passion for technology, passion for change, and passion for building an industry revolutionizing product.
  • Requirements:

  • Expertise in server-side API frameworks such as Ruby on Rails (or equivalent in other languages)
  • Expertise in database design and caching technologies (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, etc.)
  • Experience designing, building and consuming RESTful APIs
  • Experience with scaling systems and building resiliency into the systems you create
  • Understanding of Domain driven design
  • Experience building complex server-side systems using micro services (or similar) architectures
  • Experience with unit testing frameworks for apis such as Rspec
  • Experience in working with Docker for local development and deployment
  • Experience in deploying FE and BE applications using Jenkins (or equivalent tools for CI/CD)
  • Expert knowledge of HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • Experience with front-end libraries/frameworks such as React, Angular or Ember
  • Experience building modern front-end apps from scratch (using any tool set)
  • Experience with front-end unit testing frameworks and libraries such as Jest, MochaJS, etc.
  • Awareness of cross-browser compatibility issues and client-side performance considerations
  • Experience and passion for Agile, DevOps and Lean approaches to delivering software and value for our customers
  • 10+ years of professional industry experience
  • Bonus Qualities:

  • Experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Experience in building Ruby gems
  • Experience with cloud computing platforms such as AWS, Heroku or GCP
  • Experience with bundlers and linters
  • Experience with several JS dialects
  • Experience with at least one preprocessor
  • Experience with at least one data and state layer management technology
  • Benefits and Perks:

  • Competitive salary
  • Healthcare & Dental Benefits
  • Personalized Education Budget
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Free lunches several times/month
  • Presently supporting remote working environment with a prime downtown Toronto location
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