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Lithotripsy / Radiology Technologist



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About Us:

United Medical Systems Canada, Inc. is a mobile healthcare services company that provides lithotripsy treatments to the patients and residents of Prince Edward Island, in conjunction with The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Health PEI. We are looking for a certified Radiation Technologist that resides in PEI to add to our dedicated lithotripsy team on a casual/PRN basis.

The successful candidate must be available for 5 clinic days of in-person training at the QEH for the week beginning May 31, 2021.

Essential Functions:

  • Operate lithotripter at assigned site in a manner that ensures patient safety while assisting urologist to provide a quality lithotripsy treatment.
  • Operate C-arm, fluoroscopy equipment, and ultrasound equipment, as applicable, during lithotripsy.
  • Perform documentation and data entry of lithotripsy procedures.
  • Complete daily patient log and provide to facility personnel, as applicable.
  • Perform daily quality control verification on lithotripter and document.
  • Follow the directions of the urologist as to treatment strategy and parameters for each lithotripsy procedure.
  • Utilize as Low as Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) principles to minimize x-ray exposure to UMS personnel, patient, physician, and facility staff and maintain high quality radiological procedures.
  • Assess equipment malfunction, contact appropriate support, troubleshoot, document all actions, and provide information to the Service Engineer and other personnel as directed.
  • Must become proficient with anatomy and locating kidney stones on x-rays, fluoroscopy, and ultrasound.

Education, Credentials, Licenses:

  • Graduate of approved School of Radiologic Technology.
  • Must have current CAMRT certification and provincial licensure, as applicable. Current Healthcare provider Basic Life Support (BLS) or required to be completed within thirty (30) days of employment.
  • It is the R.T.'s responsibility to assure all required licensure and/or certification is maintained and current.

Specialized Knowledge:

  • C-arm and fluoroscopy experience required.
  • Shockwave Lithotripsy (SWL) experience desired
  • Knowledge of computers desired.

Kind and Length of Experience:

  • One year of R.T. experience desired
  • One year of Ultrasound experience desired


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