BHJOB15656_16074 - MS Access/SQL Technical Consultant



BHJOB15656_16074 - MS Access/SQL Technical Consultant



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per year

Job Description:

Our client is looking for a MS Access/SQL consultant to provide the recommended steps and level of effort estimates to convert the backend of 2 MS Access databases to MS SQL Server databases while still keeping the MS Access front end.

  1. The resource is expected to:

    1. Provide MS Access and MS SQL Server technical expertise (intermediate or senior) regarding the identified deliverables in the context of what is readily available in the existing client environment e.g. version of software, tools and systems already owned or configured by our client, network configuration, permission setup and user/admin roles, etc.

    2. Provide estimates with the expectation that the work may be completed by any resource of equal (intermediate or senior) competency and capability to the resource providing the estimates.

    3. Follow general industry standards, our clients standards/practices/processes and vendor supported practices for the identified recommended steps to complete the work.

Attend meetings where necessary, either in person or by phone/Teams (video/audio chat). Meetings may be for the following purposes: Status, IT discussions, Business discussions and Planning.

Deliverable include:

  1. Analyze two (2) critical MS Access databases (applications) that are utilized by the staff in the NetCAD organization for completing their work (medical research). The first outcome of this analysis is to determine the feasibility of replacing the backend database portion of the two databases with an MS SQL Server database while keeping the MS Access front end as-is. A lightweight feasibility analysis report is a required deliverable.

  2. If the proposed solution is deemed feasible then a detailed set of recommended steps (start to finish) with estimates on how long each step is expected to take to complete, i.e. an estimated level of effort, with contingency built into the estimate to handle anything that was not identified in the detailed set of recommended steps.

  3. Other expected deliverables:

    1. As a reference document for the recommended steps to complete Phase 1 of the stabilization project, a preliminary Design/architecture document including the following elements (but not necessarily limited to these elements): description of solution design, high level architecture diagram, data schema mapping from MS Access to MS SQL Server, performance considerations, security/privacy considerations, testing/validation strategy, supportability considerations, other limitations or potential items/gaps/risks for consideration with the recommended approach i.e. what could cause the solution to use up the contingency.

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