Security, Health and Safety Assistant Manager



Security, Health and Safety Assistant Manager



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The Security, Health and Safety Assistant Manager is responsible for assisting in day-to-day security and safety operations of the resort. This position is responsible for ensuring that employees comply with security and safety legislation and that policies and practices are adopted and adhered to.


    - Assist with leading the activities of the Security, Health and Safety Attendants
    - Monitor and arrange shift activities according to schedule requirements and availability
    - Assist in establishing and coordinating work schedules
    - Carry out risk assessments and audits of safety practices to consider how risks could be reduced and to ensure safety standards are being adhered to
    - Assist in outlining safe operational procedures which identify and consider all relevant hazards
    - Carry out regular site inspections to check that policies and procedures are being properly implemented and followed
    - Assist to develop, operate, manage and maintain software and hardware for security systems' including but not limited to: CCTV, Access control, waivers, key control, incident management, parking enforcement and panic devices
    - Coordinate with on site Property Management of Condominium Corporations to facilitate security services for the various condo corporations
    - Assist in planning and implementing the parking control and enforcement program
    - Assist with the centralized development and management of all health & safety policies, programs and procedures
    - Assist in the development, assessment, facilitation and legislative compliance of health and safety programs and initiatives to ensure a safe and healthy workplace
    - Focus on compliance and communication of COVID 19 pandemic response program in compliance with legislation, government framework and industry best practices
    - Ensure working practices are safe and comply with legislation
    - Lead in-house training with leaders and employees on health and safety issues and risks
    - Keep records of inspection findings and produce reports that suggest improvements
    - Record incidents and assist in compiling statistics for leaders
    - Keep up to date with new legislation and maintain a working knowledge of all Health and Safety legislation and any developments that affect Friday Harbour
    - Ensure equipment is installed safely
    - Oversee and organize the safe disposal of hazardous substances
    - Responsible for the administration of the Joint Health and Safety Committee
    - Train security attendants or other team members in security rules and procedures
    - Serve as an individual contributor and department role model by performing technical or functional job duties including patrols, inspections, audits, administering first aid
    - Assist in planning and scheduling security for special events
    - Order security related supplies and equipment as needed
    - Assist in coordinating security operations or activities with public law enforcement, fire and other agencies
    - Assist in emergency management and contingency planning
    - Respond to medical emergencies, bomb threats, fire alarms, or intrusion alarms, following emergency response procedures
    - Identify, investigate or resolve security breaches
    - Analyze and evaluate security operations to identify risks or opportunities for improvement
    - Conduct physical patrols of property to ensure compliance with security policies and regulations
    - Collect and analyze security data to determine security needs, security program goals or program accomplishments
    - Assist in planning and coordinating security activities to safeguard company assets, employees, guests or others on company property
    - Coordinate employees when responding to emergencies and alarms
    -Compliance with all safety regulations of assigned tasks, and ensure a clean and safe working environment with active participation in the health and safety program
    - Adhere to all environmental policies and programs as required
    - Other duties as assigned
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