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Canada Royal Milk
Kingston, Canada

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Canada Royal Milk is the Canadian company established by Feihe International Inc., China's largest domestic producer of infant formula and infant nutrition products.  We are part of an iconic Chinese Company that is a leader in the development of nutritional science that aims to improve the health and nutrition of the people who use our products.  Canada Royal Milk's new smart manufacturing facility is under construction in Kingston, Ontario and when we begin production in Fall 2019, we will be the only company in Canada manufacturing infant formula.  Our production process is unique, blending the formulations from fresh liquid milk before dehydration to produce the finished product.  We will be the only company in North America that will produce formulations from both cow and goat milk.  We are building a new Canadian company which will combine best practices in the production of infant formula from our parent company, technology from around the globe, and the knowledge, skills and expertise of Canadian talent.  The best part of the working at Canada Royal Milk will be your opportunity to shape it. We’ll be spending the next few months setting up and developing our team, and as an early member, you’ll have plenty of input. That means you’ll contribute to our success in many ways: everything from shaping our team and processes, to execution and growth.

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