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The Fearless Job Seeker program was developed by a professional recruiter who kept seeing job seekers make the same mistakes over and over again, in their resumes and the interview process. He designed the system to help people who are struggling to get jobs by using the traditional methods most of us have been instructed to use but are no longer effective in today's job market. The program can help you if:

  • you want to understand why employers aren't calling you for interviews
  • you thought you had a good interview, but didn't get the job
  • you need to prepare for an interviews
  • you want to be an expert at getting jobs, not just looking for them
  • you are feeling frustrated, exhausted or helpless with your current job search

Over the years, we've looked at dozens of job search programs and tools. We were impressed enough with Fearless Job Seeker's online career coaching program that we asked them to make their system available to our users and guests. It's probably the most effective system you'll find to get interviews for the jobs you want and to secure meaningful employment.

The best part is, it's all about being yourself and keeping your message simple. It's not about fabricating and rehearsing “the right answers” so you don't get disqualified. It is about telling employers what you truly can do that will add value to their organization. That's what works in today's job market and what will make an employer want to hire you above all others.

The Fearless Job Search online career coaching system is a comprehensive video based program consisting of 4 x 1 hour online courses that walk you step by step through the entire job search process, supported with hours of live presentations, webinars and answers to common questions. There's even a twice monthly call in for anyone in the Fearless Job Seeker community that allows you to ask questions and get advise about your specifc challenges. 

BEFORE BUYING THE PROGRAM, TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THEIR WEBSITE because it has lots of useful information and job finding tips you can have FOR FREE. After that, if you do decide to purchase the program, we've arranged for you to get a Free Upgrade and a $20 discount if you purchase the program through (click here to visit the site).

The program is designed to overcome many of the hurdles created by “common wisdom and advice” being offered to people looking for a job and is based on a few core principles:

  •    • you should be an expert at getting hired, not how to looking for a job
  •    • the focus of your job search IS YOU and not every hiring manager you have sent your resume
  •    • STOP doing things that increase your chance of getting eliminated and do more things that get you hired!
  •    • It is easier to get hired for your ideal job than it is to just get hired. (you read that correctly)

Watch this Frearless Jobseeker testimonial video or CLICK HERE for job hunting tips & career coaching. 




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