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This is Jothi kumar panchatcharam currently working a senior software developer in SITA with more than 8 years of programming/designing in Atlanta, GA . I am in the preliminary stages of applying for Canadian PR through Express Entry Federal skilled program and I am on the lookout for Job opportunities in Programming/Technical Consulting/Architecting as I believe landing a right job might take quite a bit of time.
On the business front, all my experience has been with developing and architecting complex application in the Airlines/GDS industry with very in depth knowledge on Reservation, Ticketing, DCS, Revenue management, Messaging protocols , EDIFACT and  external partner coordination.
On the language front. I used IBM mainframe assembler, Low level C, C++ , Java , Perl etc and still on the hunt to learn more programming languages currently ( JavaScript and python) . If I could master a programming language, I could master any programming language . All I would need is opportunity and little bit of time while I work on the job. Background in Electronics engineering have led me to use Verilog, VHDL, MATLAB and microprocessor assembly as well.
I am currently responsible for developing application software and supporting and maintaining applications across 40 physical servers with 80 app environments in a big enterprise organization with all the servers in Linux RHEL and some in Solaris unix. Have good experience on both Monolithic architecture and Microservice architecture.
On the database front, have good knowledge on SQL even though did not have the chance to use it extensively. Currently trying to learn NoSQL database such as Cassandra and MongoDB.
Since the applications we own and manages are one of a kind, we do get involved in a lot of operational activities and currently on the verge of using Jenkins to accommodate the ever growing number of environments we manage. We are the very few ones who see and know and big picture in the distributed environment and understand the message flow across different components and developed the capability to identify the component/point of failures using different tools/methodologies.
We have developed a custom monitoring server with LAMP architecture purely for our monitoring/operational needs .
 If you feel , I am a potential candidate please contact me +17705487270 or email me @ for more clarifications.


08.09.2004 - 04.21.2008
Anna university

Bachelor’s Degree

Work Experience:

12.08.2014 -

SITA INC | Information Technology
      SITA ATLDC Communication Infrastructure (December 2014 – Till date)
  • Developer for the ATLDC Comms group in the core communications environment.
  • Responsible for the support of a mission critical 24x7 primarily type A transaction environment with some additional type B processing originating from various GDS/Airline systems ,web front ends and from airport terminals located around the world..
  • Support users and hosts which connect using a wide variety of protocols stacks, control streams, and character sets.
  • Support (12 apps, 40 Servers, 80 App Environments, 12 Web Envs, 80 Monitor Envs) and handle all the Requests, problems, Incidents related to IATCI messaging, Airline Ticketing and EMD messaging , Galileo RSS, Big seat maps and real time feed of PNR data from mainframe to open systems using SITA’s own SLIQ and SIP platforms.
  • Create and automate custom statistical reports required by the customer, Business & support group helping them to identity issues, patterns , point of failures and success percentage.
  • Assist and provide inputs from the technical perspective to the respective managers in laying out the roadmaps for the products supported and maintained by our group.
  • Involve in discussions and provide insights in creating solutions with products supported by us for very specific customer requirements and assist in setting up and testing industry standards for new type of messages.
  • Involve in Data Center Operations including DR planning / support, help in automating stuffs for the datacenter operations and create MSG documents with enough knowledge about the servers to be managed operationally.
  • Assist in migration of several airlines from SITA and to SITA with respect to the products supported by our team not limited to Ticketing, IATCI, Galileo RSS, GDS seat maps, TYPEA messaging.
  • Designed, Architected and developed an interface between SITA reservation system for Air Europa and PROS system which includes Availability, Inventory feed, Schedule feeds, and Inventory adjustment. XML messaging is used for internal communications while it’s a JSON interface for inventory and schedules to PROS and IATA host to host with straight ip on the availability and sell.
  • Support and maintenance of UATP message switch which supports TYPE A and MQ interface between GDS and airlines with UATP application maintained by SITA.
  • Development and continuous enhancement of a robust monitoring system for the Servers owned by our team which is not limited to sending Alerts through Email and reporting SNMP traps.
Operational support of the communication environment which involves troubleshooting connectivity issues or issues effecting transaction processing

03.02.2009 - 08.01.2014
Senior software enigneer
IGT oslutions iNC | Information Technology
Interglobe Technologies (March 2009 – July 2014)
  • Lead and managed a team (15 members) for the development and maintenance of a MULTI AXESS japan and COPY PNR product in Worldspan (Travelport) system as part of AXESS migration. The product is unique of its kind because of the lack of documentation of current state of the product, needs constant communication with external partners to setup the Connectivity correctly and some innovative strategies to get the product with in a short period. AXESS has 40 + airlines as a user of the product and each one of them required separate study phase to understand the needs and requirements.
  • Creation of technical design documents for the various products related to the migration of AXESS.
  • Design and development of Japan Airlines Group bridge and COPY PNR which enables AXESS agent to create PNR’s on JALCOM system using JAL’ s native entries and enable the same to be copied back to AXESS through PNR claim process.
  • Design, development and implementation of several products like Direct sell request/Seat Reservation/Seat Map Display upgrade for JL on AXESS GDS to 96.1 version, PNR display and PNR claim for Japan Airlines, Frequent flyer implementation on AXESS to interactively validate Japan Airlines Frequent flyer number through terminal emulation.
  • Acted as a SPOC for various products during the AXESS migration and assisted the customers during the migration phase and managed a variety of stakeholders including external airline partners, AXESS , Travelport SME’s and project managers and Interglobe’s delivery managers.
  • Worked as a system consultant for Garuda Indonesia to provide a pre-migration report on their data centre operations and current state of their airline passenger system which eventually made them to migrate to Amadeus.
  • Assisted as a pre sales consultant in providing estimates and design of EDIFACT interface system for Turkish Airlines which eventually Interglobe has won and successfully delivered it.
  • Worked as an Implementation Engineer Implementing products such as Direct Access, Direct Sell, PNR claim, Seamless availability (Airline Source) & seat map Seat assignment Functions for different airlines with Worldspan GDS which is not limited to creating a new Edifact database for the carrier as per the version & character set followed and making the appropriate code changes to cater to their needs.
  • Engage in exchanging questionnaires with the partner airlines on the host to host connectivity setup parameters, product specific questions and implement the products according to the specifications , support the Customer and User acceptance testing and set up dates and the get the product live on an agreeable date and time.
  • Some of the major projects include work on Travelport to support Migration of Air India from USARS to SITA, Migration of Aeromexico to SABRE, Migration of SAS Airlines to Amadeus
  • Maintenance of Access Plus, Availability, Inventory and schedule change functional problems, control and TPF dumps, TPFDF dumps core dumps.
  • Handling all types of TPF database requests. Providing solution based on the validation and data analysis for the DBA requests like DBDEFs, FCTB, RIAT, Recoup, TFT, COFRA, Global, Canned message as a part of TPF database administration for KRISCOM systems.
  • Add open bucket telex addresses to the KRISCOM MQ/TTY outbound configuration table as a part of KRISCOMa migration to Amadeus.
  • Provide TPF test system coverage and support which is not limited to weekly reviewing of CPU Utilization, Long & short term pool usage, Post Recoup reports, abnormal system warnings & alerts, system dumps etc.
  • Single source Comms and middleware segments during z/tpf upgrade of worldspan system.

Total Years Experience:



  • Software professional with more than 8 years of experience working for various GDS’s & Airlines with extensive knowledge of in different areas of the industry in varied roles, always ready to take on challenging roles in travel industry and have a very good passion for the same.
  • Experience on Software Solutions delivery as well as IT Operations / Data Centre & Infrastructure services delivery in both traditional waterfall and Agile model.
  • Expert in different airline messaging protocols like EDIFACT messaging, XML, Teletype Type B, JSON, different airline specific communication protocols (IATA Host to Host, SITA GAB access, MATIP, Terminal emulation, and good proficiency in networking protocols (TCP/IP) .
  • Good understanding on the overall big picture of the Airline/GDS industry and how different players in the industry fits together like OTA’s, Fare filing companies (ATPCO etc.), Revenue management and ecommerce engines, GDS and considerable experience in integrating these players together.
  • Expert in GDS/airline reservations, Inventory, schedules. E-Ticketing and EMD, Departure control services.
  • 8+ years of experience in development, maintenance and support of mission critical high transaction environments handling more than 4000 transactions per second on an average and around 10,000 transactions per second at peak times and connected to several terminals devices, web environments and different airline/GDS systems.
  • Good understanding of Airline revenue management systems operating with Bid price mode and Leg level and O & D level mode, nesting of fare classes, Littlewoods rule.
  • Good understanding of Fares class structure and fare associations with the Inventory classes.
  • Assisted and supported the sales team with technical expertise and estimation of efforts for responding to RFP’s and provide technical inputs in laying out roadmaps for the products supported and developed by us.
  • 5+ years of Extraction and transformation of Airline/GDS industry specific message standards (EDIFACT, TTY) to different formats (Like XML, JSON or custom specific) as required by the recipient.
  • 6 years of TPF, Assembler and mainframe Experience.
  • 8+ years of C, C++ and object oriented programming with good exposure to Design patterns like singleton pattern etc and knowledge on STL.
  • 2+ years of exposure to NoSql database (Cassandra).
  • 3+ years of UNIX/Linux, Perl, Java and ksh shell scripting
  • 3+ years of experience in coordinating implementations, migrations of various related Airline products.
  • 5+ years of experience in IBM MQ client programming, FTP, TCP/IP and in networking tools like Wireshark, Netscout etc..
  • Exposure to Microprocessor 8085, 8086 and microcontroller 8041 programing and completed a few projects in college.
Availability (Seamless & Direct Access), Interactive Sell, Teletype message processing, seat maps and seat assignment, Revenue management, O&D , Inventory and Schedules , Fare class and pricing.
Interline Electronic Ticketing
Ticketing messaging and EMD messaging.
Departure Control systemsInter-airline through check in and Seat maps, Worldtracer , Government APP and APIS messaging
And networking
MATIP, Airline Host-to-Host communications, EDIFACT, IBM MQ Series, Type B messaging (BATAP), Oracle TUXEDO, TCP/IP,XML messaging, AIRIMP,PADIS, Apache web server, JSON
Skill set programmingHigh Level Assembler (HLASM), Sabretalk , C, C++ TPF, TPFDF, TPFC, SPM, Dump Analysis, Core JAVA, Perl scripting, UNIX/LINUX shell scripting, transform scripting, SQL,8085 Assembly, 8086 assembly, VHDL , Verilog, SLIQ platform, Cassandra DB
Operating SystemsIBM zSeries  and Unisys (Mainframes), TPF, z/OS (MVS), Z/TPF, UNIX, LINUX.
ToolsNetscout, Wireshark, Beyond compare, CVS, TPF toolkit (eclipse), TPFGI, VI, MQ explorer, UTS express, Liason, gdb,Puppet tool, SVN repository
Project ManagementJIRA, Kanban Dashboard and Microsoft VISIO.


IT-Software Development: Enterprise Software Implementation & Consulting, General-Other: IT-Software Development, IT Project Management, Software-System Architecture, Systems Analysis - IT, Telecommunications Administration-Management, Usability-Information Architecture
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